Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So many things....

I'm sorry I haven't posted.  I have learned so many things over the past several weeks, but I have been trying to decide how to present them to all of you.  We went to a transplant class and found it to be a very emotional experience.  I think I will share everything we learned in small pieces.

Did you know that you can ask to attend a transplant overview "class" even if you aren't ready for a transplant?  We are glad we went even though it was very overwhelming.  Hubby is ready for a transplant, but doesn't qualify at this time, because of his weight.  Every transplant program has different guidelines for weight, health, and other criteria.

Did you know you can get on the transplant list at more than one hospital?  We learned that it is good to check out other hospitals and get yourself on a few lists.  It is a complex system for deciding who can get a kidney.  We also found out that this is a very heartbreaking process.  When a kidney is available the top people are called, but only one of those people actually get the kidney.  But that means the others called still have to be ready just in case it is them.  One man, at the hospital we took the class at, has been called and ready to go 9 times... he is still waiting for his kidney.

I realize this post is short, but emotionally I think that is enough for one day.  I don't want my posts to be negative or emotionally hard to read, but I want to share what we are learning as we go through this process.  I hope you have support to get through this hard time.

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