Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boxes are here

34 boxes of dialysis supplies were delivered today.  Thankfully they fit in the spot I cleared for them.  Each one weighs about 24 pounds, so I won't be moving them.  Thankfully the man that delivered them, put them where they belong, so they are all in place.

We had two appointments today.  One with the surgeon to check up on Hubby and start talking about transplant and one with the dialysis nurse.  The dialysis nurse told us that we will be getting one more very large box with all the tubing in it.  These boxes are just the dialysis solution.  While at the appointment with the nurse we were taught how to take daily care of the catheter.  We came home with a bag of supplies for doing that.  Our house is starting to look like a hospital, but Hubby is worth it!

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