Thursday, May 31, 2012

The very first kidney transplant

The very first kidney transplant was done in 1954.  Ronald Lee Herrick gave his kidney to his twin brother.  Dr Joseph Murray, a surgeon from Boston, performed this first successful kidney transplant, saving Ronald's brother's life.  It also proved that a transplant was a viable treatment for chronic renal disease.

Ronald and his twin brother

The history of dialysis is pretty interesting.  It was in 1943 that the first dialyzer was constructed.  It wasn't successful, however, until 1945.  To read more about the history of dialysis, you can read here.

I use to say I was born over 100 years too late, but now I know I was born right on time, because without advances with dialysis and transplant, I wouldn't have more time with my Hubby.

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