Friday, August 10, 2012

Supplement shakes

Hubby has been struggling with eating.  He is so tired and beat when he gets home from work, that he doesn't work to eat.  I spoke with his renal dietitian today.  She said there is only one supplemental shake that is recommended for dialysis patients and that is Nepro.  Nepro is a high protein, low phosphorus and low potassium shake.  It is also expensive.  Only one store carries them locally and that is Rite Aid.  For a box of 4 8oz shakes it is $16.

I gave the company a call and through their very friendly customer service found that they would send us some coupons for the shakes.  I also found out that for dialysis patients they offer a special price on a case of 24.  They said that the dialysis unit would need to fill out a form for the better price, but I definitely think it is worth the extra work.  Just make sure you like the shakes before purchasing a case.

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