Saturday, June 2, 2012

Healing time

It has been 11 days since Hubby's dialysis catheter surgery.  He is back to where he was before the surgery.  I can't say that he is "normal" because for the last several month he has felt pretty sick every single day and I don't consider that "normal", even though it is his normal.  I'm glad the effects of surgery are over though.  I have been cleaning the exit site and changing the dressings everyday since Wednesday.  Yesterday I wasn't thrilled with how the exit site looked and even called the nurse, but she was gone for the day.  I told him if it didn't look better today I was taking him to the ER.  Thankfully it looked better.

Everyone heals at a different rate.  Hubby seems to be a slower healer.  There is no time line for recovery.  One person may heal in 2 weeks others might take 4.  Healing the dialysis catheter exit site is very important, because without proper healing a patient won't be able to start dialysis.  So take your time, protect the site, and don't rush the healing.

Sadly I wasn't able to locate a color image of this chart, but for now here is a black and white chart to help you determine the health of your exit site.  When I locate a color chart, I will share that link with you.

*Disclaimer - all the information above is for information purposes only.  I am not a nurse, doctor, or any type of medical professional.  I'm a wife taking one day at a time while taking care of a husband with PK.

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