Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sorry it has been so long!

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted, I'm sorry about that.  Today I want to share with you something we were never told could happen.  Last week my husband had another procedure done at the hospital.  Several days before the procedure my husband's exit site started leaking.  We tried adding medication to the bags, reducing the amount of fluid, and stopping the last fill, but nothing seemed to help.  We made a trip to the hospital where they injected fluid into the peritoneal catheter and using x-ray determined that the catheter had coiled up and landed in a spot that was causing the leak.

Once the problem was determined, the procedure was scheduled to uncoil the catheter.  It wasn't as long as the original surgery to put the catheter in, but it was still a long day.  The procedure was a success and the leaking did stop.  The doctor also thought this procedure would help with the slow draining, but it didn't.  We still continue to have alarming through out the night because of slow draining.

Our machine came with a book that offers several suggestions for slow drains.  We tried all of them, we tried the nurse's suggestions and the doctor's suggestions too.  Nothing helped.  It continues to be an issue and it does cause stress.  It is hard not getting a full night's sleep.

Today Hubby had his monthly appointment at the dialysis center.  He meets with the dialysis nurse, the doctor, the nutritionalist, and social worker.  He also stopped by the lab for blood work and the pharmacy for medication.  They discussed the drain problem.  We are trying the medication in the bags for a week and then if the slow drain continues they may have to do a surgery to stitch the catheter in place.  Hubby doesn't want to do this at all, so we are praying the medication does the trick!

*Disclaimer - all the information above is for information purposes only.  I am not a nurse, doctor, or any type of medical professional.  I'm a wife taking one day at a time while taking care of a husband with PKD.

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