Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small change

After hubby's initial surgery, we went to a check up a week later with the dialysis nurse.  She took off the dressing and taught me how to take care of it and redress it.  She gave us some supplies including these little plastic cups that I was to use for the washing solution and then wash and use again.  Sounds simple, but it became something I would forget to wash and then have to stop what I was doing and run out of the bedroom and wash it.

Simple solution - disposable dixie cups.  Yes, I realize that there is an added expense by using something like dixie cups, but when there is so much to do with the exit site, the dialysis set up, and life in general, I found this little change a great relief.  We purchased the store brand which was much cheaper, we use one a night and in the trash it goes.


  1. I just discovered your blog last night (through Pinterest). My son (34 years old) experienced acute kidney failure 2 months ago today. They still don't know why. He was healthy, active and hard-working. They said it was an infection but ruled out e. Coli, strep and parasites. He and his wife have been married not quite 2 years. She doesn't work and they don't have internet but I'm hoping when they visit she will read your posts. Right now he is getting dialysis three times a week at a center with the subclavian catheter(in his chest). He is scheduled for a consult with a surgeon this week for the peritoneal catheter. I didn't realize until I read your posts how involved it is but you've been so helpful! He is hoping to get back to work (he's been out the entire 2 months). I wish the best for you and your husband. Hang in there!

    1. Samm,

      I'm glad you found my blog. I'm sorry to hear about your son. My huband and your son are the same age (not sure how far back you read in my blog). He will feel better with peritoneal than hemo, but it is work, but very much worth it. My husband has been out of work for a few months now, but we are praying he is able to return in a few more weeks. Peritoneal is the best chance of returning to work, because there isn't the up and down of feeling rotten like there can be with hemo. I hope they get the chance to read my posts. If they have any questions please tell them to email me at kelly (at) mysimplewalk (dot) com I'm happy to share anything we have gone through.