Thursday, July 19, 2012

First step

Today Hubby took the first step in getting on the transplant list.  He called and referred himself for a Kidney Transplant at a hospital that will take our insurance.  Two hospitals, one when he was first diagnosed and the one where he currently receives monthly care for dialysis, were unable to start the process of putting him on the transplant list because our insurance won't cover a transplant there.

Hubby had to leave a message, but within an hour the person in charge called back.  She asked for basic information... address, reason for kidney failure, insurance, and stuff like that.  She said the first step was for her to complete this information by talking to his nephrologist.  Next she would mail him a packet to fill out and send back, then finally she would call with an appointment after reviewing the packet.

We will call this Day 1 of getting on the Kidney Transplant list.

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