Friday, July 27, 2012

No one said this would be easy

I don't think I believed that everything would be ok, once Hubby started dialysis, but I guess I hoped.  Each month he goes back to the hospital to meet with his dialysis team consisting of a nutritionist, dialysis nurse, doctor, social worker, and blood taker.

The doctor wasn't pleased with how his exit site is healing, but the nurse felt it was looking pretty good.  Since I clean it and see it everyday, I have seen the improvement since the surgery.  I think Hubby is just a slow healer.  Hubby is also still experiencing some issues he had before dialysis and that dialysis should have helped with, the doctor is waiting for the blood work to decide what changes will be made.

This morning we got an email from the nurse about the blood work, it isn't good news.  I'm not sure why I thought it would be smooth sailing after starting dialysis.  It is an every day challenge.  Every day there seems to be a new "thing" to worry about, think about, consider.  Don't get me wrong, dialysis is still worth it.  I have my husband alive and that makes all the rest worth it!

I mailed the packet to the new hospital on Tuesday, they should have received it on Wednesday, so now we are just waiting to hear back.

Something that I have started doing to make set up easier, that I would like to share with you.... Hubby uses two different bags a night for his dialysis.  They are each a different strength, I have started opening the boxes and putting the two bags together that he will need that night and stacking them in our bedroom.  That way I just grab the one box and get to work.  It sounds simple, but it has actually made quite a difference in setting him up each night.  Over time the prescription of the strength will change, but for now this simple step has really helped.

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