Friday, July 20, 2012

Reclaim a piece of you

If you are the care provider, you are probably feeling all sorts of emotions.  It isn't easy physically, mentally, or emotionally, but we do it because we love them.  Between Hubby not working, the surgeries, appointments, classes, medical bills, and the rest of my life that continued on despite the fact I was tired and wanted it to stand still for just a little bit, I lost myself.  I was so consumed with everything that I needed to do, had to do, that I did nothing for me, nothing to ensure that I would keep on going, nothing that gave me a moment to be just me.

It does sound selfish, doesn't it?  Here someone we love is suffering and I'm making a post about me.  Recently I have realized that I am important and I need some time each day.  You are important, your loved ones need you to be ok, so you need to take some time too.  For each person that time will vary in length and in what you do.  I recently started cross stitching again.  It is something so simple, something I did for years and years.  Something I started doing for Hubby (that's a story for another day) and it is something that gives me time to reflect, pray, and feel at peace.

Since I started cross stitching again, I feel like I'm slowly coming back, that I'm not just a shell of a person that is on autopilot.  Find the time to do something you enjoy, something that will take you back to a time when you felt at peace.  It can be going for a walk, reading, praying, writing, painting.... anything.... give yourself time and know that you aren't being selfish.... you are taking care of yourself so you can be the best care provider possible for the one you love.

You are important too, never forget that!

"May Cottage" by Country Cottage Needleworks

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