Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doctor Visit "Worksheet"

Appointments can be overwhelming. It is good to take someone who cares about you with you to help you remember and ask questions. It is sometimes hard not to feel rushed at an appointment, but remember the care provider is there for you and you ask any question you need to and keep asking until you are satisfied.

In your kidney or other health binder, you can just use plain loose leaf paper for your notes, but if it helps, I created a worksheet to print out and take to each appointment in your binder. It contains the basics at the top... date, weight, blood pressure, careprovider's name. Then there is a place for notes and at the bottom are some questions that I try to remember at each visit to ask. There is also space to put questions you want to ask at the appointment.

Did you think of something I forgot to add? Let me know and I will continue to post updated worksheets as I come up with and you provide ways to improve it!

Print the PDF file here.

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  1. We have what we call "The Big Book Of Medicine". It's a planner that I keep that has all of his important information. Names, addresses, and maps of his doctors, his medicine list (for each month since his medicines are always changing), appointment and surgery dates, and any hospital stays, ER visits, days where he started or stopped medicines, and notes for when he is having any sickness or uncommon symptoms. I have 2 years worth of information in that book, and it *really* comes in handy when the doctors make medicine changes or ask about any patterns in his health.

    Hope this helps!