Monday, May 28, 2012

Clothes for after surgery and beyond

There are some things that you should be told BEFORE surgery that you aren't.  One of them being, you will need new clothes.  Depending on the doctor, the catheter will be placed around where your belt area might be.  It also depends on how you wear your shorts and pants.  If you wear them so the world can see your underwear, you will be fine, but if like my Husband, you like your underpants to be covered, you may need to purchase larger sized pants.  You don't want anything tight where the catheter is, so belts are not an option, so the choices come down to - larger pants with suspenders, regular sized pants worn below your catheter, or pants worn with the waist ban above your catheter (this option could be a little scary if there is a chance of them falling down and pulling on your catheter).

Hubby hasn't really decided which he prefers, but all of the options require the purchase of new shorts and pants.  This would have been easier before the surgery, when I had a little more time to shop.  Today I went to a few stores with my daughters and we had a hard time finding anything that would work.  We did end up with two pairs that seem to work, but that do require suspenders, which he doesn't own.

If you are having a surgery that affects your waist line area, consider doing some clothes shopping before so you will be prepare.

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