Saturday, May 26, 2012

There will be days like this

Today has been long and hard.  It's my daughter's birthday, so we baked a cake and she decorated it (this was the fun part of today).  I mowed the lawn after fighting to get it to work.  I moved some soil from the front yard to the backyard and into the garden beds.  Took care of Hubby, made lunch, cleaned the house (it is amazing how it can go from looking great to messy over night), and then while making dinner another challenge occurred.

Water, pouring out from under my oven..... I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, until I opened up the cabinet under the sink and poured water down the drain and it came pouring out into the cabinet.  I have long wanted to clean out that cabinet, but this is not how I wanted it to happen.  With everything going on I feel very overwhelmed by this issue.  I have no idea how long this problem has been occurring, but everything under there is wet and the cabinet is probably ruined.

Lesson learned here?  Never shove anything under the kitchen sink.  We think something got caught on the pipes and pulled them apart.  Thankfully it appears to be an easy fix, but the mess is going to take me the rest of the night to clean.

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