Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 5 of recovery

Hubby is doing better, he is moving around more, talking more, and eating a little bit.  He has lost a lot of weight since the surgery.  He is spending most of his time in the recliner, but any improvement is good.  He has two appointments this week, so those will be the first times he ventures out of the house.  Right now he doesn't think he can sit in the van.

Another friend stopped by last night with some supplies.  I can't remember if I added to the shopping list for all of you, another item the nurse told us about... antibacterial body wash.  This is to protect your port from infection while you shower.  I'm extremely thankful to my friends for helping with supplies.  It is amazing to see all the items on the shelves.

Ok busy day, so I must go!

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