Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The cart is built!

To hold Hubby's dialysis machine and discharge bucket, I purchased a Choice Knocked Down Stainless Steal 2 shelf utility cart - 33 3/4" by 21" by 37.  A search online of prices saved me $10 by purchasing this cart from The Webstaurant Store.  Make sure you search for the cart you want and check out all the prices, including shipping to get the best deal.

Why did I pick this cart?  Originally Hubby wanted a cart with a lip around the edge to make sure nothing falls off, but after meeting with the nurse and seeing the actual machine we realized that wasn't a good idea.  The dialysis machine has a door on the front that you need to easily open, which can't happen if there is a lip.  This cart can hold up to 220 pounds, which is enough to hold the machine and the bucket.  It has 4" wheels, which can go from carpet to hardwood.  If you can find 6" wheels that is even better!  This cart fits though doorways and after a lot of rearranging, fits around our furniture.  

When I opened the box the first thing I did was make sure everything was there.  There were 4 wheels, 4 wheel protectors, 8 nuts and bolts with washers, 2 shelves, 2 handles, a small wrench, and a hex key.  I read the directions completely and followed them exactly.  I put it together by myself since Hubby is already asleep and I really didn't want him to do anything until he sees the surgeon again.  

Before assembling I used sanitizing wipes to clean every piece of the cart.  When I cleaned the handles the cloth was definitely black with dirt.  The shelves have a protective cover, which was a pain to get off, so when I cleaned them, the cloth still looked clean.  But it is a good idea to do it anyway, particularly if you are using it for medical equipment.

Assembling the cart - If you have someone to help you, it will make putting the shelves on easier.  I was able to do it alone, but it would have been nice to have help.  I loosely attached the screws, as per the instructions, and then when both shelves were attached I used the wrench and the hex key to tighten them.  At first I used the hex key to hold the bolt in place and the wrench to make it tighter, but I found it much easier to use the wrench to hold the bolt and the hex key to make it tighter.

The wheels were pretty easy to attach.  Don't turn the whole wheel, just turn the piece that actually screws into the cart.  It took me about 30 minutes to put the entire cart together.  It took me about 30 minutes to make sure all the pieces were there, wipe all the pieces down, and get that plastic off of the shelves.  So plan for about an hour to put the cart together, with help you could probably do this in about half the time.

Have a specific question about why I picked this cart?  Just leave a comment with your question and I would be happy to answer it.  Hopefully I covered everything that is important in the above text.

A little note about The Webstaurant Store - I ordered it in the morning and by the afternoon they had shipped my cart and it arrived the next day.  I just paid for standard shipping, so I was quite impressed.  They have a map on their site that will give you the amount of time it will take for your item to arrive.

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